A lot of couples come to us still undecided about whether wedding film/video is for them.
My most common question when a bride or a groom are deciding on a video to capture their day is…


“If I don’t do this…… Will I regret it ?”


Well at the end of the day when the dress has been worn and the food has been eaten the only memories you have are left in your head, your guest’s phones and your photographer’s camera. Only then can you answer this question.

As much as I am true believer that photo’s are forever they only tell part of the story one picture at a time.Thus the term “Moments in time”.

With that view in mind in this day and age why wouldn't you want to document any event in film?
We carry a video recorder and player in the palm of our hands nearly every day. In fact you're probably reading this from that very device.

So I asked myself that same question. And thought. ...

If boring my family and friends to tears making them sit and watch 6hrs of our video was a way to entertain them I think I'll go and mow the lawn and let's face it that's time there never getting back !


BUT .....
What if I could put an entire day in a short storytelling cinematic way. The story of you, where your wedding was and the things that made your day: the friends, family and fur baby’s, the things that make you who you are what they mean to you.


A groom and his best man so nervous that they accidentally head butt each other while getting dressed.

A two year old son stealing the limelight on Mum & Dad’s biggest day during the ceremony.

A niece looking up and seeing her aunt looking like a real life princess as she walks into her reception.

And that tomato plant that Nan gave you but she’s not around to see your big day.
We take the best part of your day and roll it into a short film with around 6-12 minutes roughly worth of footage. Like a music clip or the evening news you could be at a cafe, a restaurant or a BBQ with family and friends.

Show them your film from nearly anywhere in the world from the palm of your hand.
The laughter, the Tears and the Cheers all in full HD.


We film all the way from the groom's preparation, the bride's preparation, ceremony, location and up until the entrance of your reception. We can stay all night for an extra fee (usually a sausage roll and a packet of twisties... lol.)

But this will be P.O.A.

This format is perfect as you can watch it anywhere from your smart phones,tablets etc.p
pIt's easy to load and easy to watch and far from boring.

Your final feature film and any extra films that you have chosen are then given to you on USB in a gorgeous presentation keepsake box. With all the memories of a once in a lifetime event.


Ice Cream Sandwich Films has this philosophy -

“ It's all about making the connection, The story will tell itself .”



ICS Films are a small independent film making company based in Doreen, Victoria.

We specialise in quirky, fun, real films to tell your story.