Beechworth wedding videographer/Yen+Scott/George Kerferd Hotel

Recently or should I say way back in Autumn last year(yes it feels like yesterday)I had the pleasure of filming this wicked wedding with my little partner in crime aka the wifey Sonya from Laugh out loud photography .

Yen looked breath taking in her funky vintage style Grace loves lace dress. I like an unusual dress,sets the tone of a rocking couple I am gonna have.

I met Scott and Yen at a wedding fair,one of my first ever.Scott and I gelled instantly as we both have a love of hurtling ourselves down mountains at break neck speed mountain biking. I showed Scott my documentary of back in the day when myself and my mate Hound Dog would venture up the Hume Highway to Bright and Mt.Beauty filming our adventures of our boys bike weekends away and the tracks,jumps we would find.I just had to incorporate that into their wedding films because after all that is what my wedding films are all about. They are unique to each of my couples,I tell their story. No two wedding films look the same.They are raw,organic and tell the day their way.

Yen and Scott decided to have their nuptials at the very historic Mayday Hills( Google that and book yourself a ghost tour) on a balmy Autumn day surrounded by close family and friends.Scott hales from Beechworth and loved the history of the area so it was just ideal. It was filled with love,emotion and Susan Rosenboom celebrant did the officiating. After the important stuff we walked around and captured them and their bridal party in and around the old historic buildings at Mayday Hills,watching the shadows and light dance off the buildings made it breath taking. After a quick shoot it we headed into the George Kerferd Hotel to kick off the celebrations with hilarious speeches and the building illuminated by Scott’s handy work of the giant LOVE sign. The end of the formalities finished with a slideshow of Yen and Scott’s travels throughout their relationship and man they must have a lot of stamps in those passports.

To Yen and Scott,

Here’s to future travels,may the winding tracks take you back home to where sun keeps you warm.

Cheers Pep

Groom riding his mountain bike on wedding day

Groom with his mountain bike

Ceremony wedding sign

Wedding ceremony at Beechworth at Mayday Hills

Confetti Canons at Beechworth with bride and groom

Bride and groom reflecting on their wedding day in front of a historic building

Bride and groom walking off into the sunset contemplating first day of marriage

And they lived happily ever after

Bride and groom doing their first dance

Illuminated giant love sign at a wedding reception


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